"One Year" in NYC

People celebrate their one year anniversary of living in NYC like a birthday - not a party, but a nice dinner. Not a dress, but definitely a well-thought-out outfit. 

I never celebrated this anniversary of mine (sometime in July) because honestly, I forgot. Recently though, I started to reflect on this past year (plus some) and I came to conclude why your first year in NYC is one for celebration.

What I've Learned So Far:

1. You're forced to find yourself quickly.

What fashion trends are inspiring you?  How do you make them your own? What do you value most in the city? What goals are you setting?  What communities do you belong to? Do you stay true to yourself?

What I love about living in NYC is you are accepted exactly how you are and exactly how you are not. It's basically begging you to find yo' bad self. Stay true to you and New York City will be the grounds for endless opportunity and growth. 

2. It's an addiction.

NYC is a living and breathing creative being, with a hum of sleepless bankers and an undeniable pulse of inspiration that finds it's way into every heart it touches. It's an addiction and one that I've been craving and fueling since a youngin'. 

But like any addiction, it can be abused -  it's easy to burn out when everything is moving at lightspeed around you.

The most important thing I've learned in my first year is that you don't have to have it all to do it all. And to do it all you have to take care of yourself.

Sleep, Naturopathic, SLT, Y7 Yoga, the app "Headspace" and saying "no," have been crucial to my overall well-being. Letting my mind and body rest at least once each day, prevents me from planning, creating and getting excited about things until the death of me. 

3. The Streets are Therapeutic.  

Walking on the streets of New York City by yourself can be some weird times. Even though you're surrounded by millions of people, it's really private.

You can walk by a homeless man begging for life and then look up to see someone singing with joy. You can be high on life and then become the angriest person you know when someone merges in front of you on the sidewalk. You can become best friends with a stranger you never talk to, just by walking the same speed. You can be cat called or cursed out then just around the corner be greeted by a dear friend. 

I love the irony, I love that it forces you to be present to the things right in front of you. I love that once you end up at your destination - none of it really matters anyways. 

4. Everyone in NYC has their own NYC.

I have a favorite avenue, east side street, west side street, cheap bar, bar to dance at, spa & nail place, grocery store, subway line, doctor, breakfast spot, lunch spot, dinner spot, coffee spot, Postmates spots - and it's ever changing. 

Everyone has their own favorites and sharing those with other people is what makes NYC exciting and new all the time. I can honestly say I've never had the same "nightout" twice here. 

5. It's a small world. 

With 8.4 million people, New York City get's pretty cramped. Particularly when you're walking down 8th avenue between 52nd and 28th, Soho on a Saturday or Times Square any day. 

This city can seem big and overwhelming with that many people, but it has a way of connecting you with the right people at the right time. It's also very much like your Instagram discover page on steroids and IRL. 

Thank you New York City,

For forcing me to grow, for making me stay true to myself, for giving me the food of my dreams, for making me laugh everyday, for humbling me and for never letting me settle for less.