Hey, It's Been a Minute

November has been A MONTH, ya know? So much so, that I felt it was necessary to give you a list of updates and two new blogs posts. 

Happy Wednesday people! 

November Updates:

1. Feast your eyes on this food blog. 

My "lover," Taylor, officially put up her food blog. All of her recipes are simple (mostly non-vegan), inexpensive and SO GOOD. Check-er-out: twaycooks.com

2. New "TBH" post: "One Year" in NYC

I've learned a lot... but there are five things that really stand out. Click here for the full post. 

3. Christmas has arrived in the city.

It's my favorite time of the year. With christmas trees on every corner, extravagant window displays and christmas lights errrrywhere - my excitement levels are off the charts.

So... here are my favorite holiday candles:

4. New "TBH" post: My Thoughts on Parsley Health.

Parsley Health is changing the game of holistic health care. Click here for the full post. 

4. So many new gems on HippoThoughts.com

My other "lover," Steph, has been busy writing for HippoThoughts.com. This one is a personal favorite and I helped her write this one yesterday. 

STAY TUNED: Steph and I have something in the works for Hippo Thoughts. It includes us, a video camera, and possibly hippo ears.  

5. Songs I have on repeat.



Until December,