My Thoughts on Parsley Health

My holistic doctor experiences have been pretty extensive.  

My first experience was in a lady's basement. She put herbs on my stomach as a form of testing for food allergies. My second experience was in a random office building where they aggressively pushed on my stomach for no reason, it seemed. I've also been to holistic doctors that tell me about my aura and talk about my past, then make me look at random bright lights for "homework." These holistic doctor experiences came only after I saw every traditional doctor, where I had taken all of the traditional tests you can think of. 

Long story short - none of it worked. 

I feel like I should note that I'm not that sick, the paragraph above might lead you to believe I have some deadly situation going on. I don't, which I'm extremely grateful for. I just have random chest and back spasms that debilitate me for a hot second, I randomly feel faint and weak and my ankles will give out on me for no reason whatsoever. I often refer to all of this the only way that feels fitting and in the least dramatic way possible - "my body is shutting down."

What I've Learned from shopping doctors:

1. Holistic doctors blame dairy for a lot - if you're plant based you're 50% done with any of their (usually overpriced) programs. 

2. Traditional doctors have their purpose for sure, but for my specific needs they haven't been helpful.

Tbh, I've become a little jaded. With no real answers or solutions in sight, I decided to deal with "my body shutting down" on my own. Being vegan helped a lot, so did a consistent workout regime and sleep schedule. 

My body and I were getting along just swimmingly - until it decided to actually "shut down" on me. So, I got a membership at Parsley Health.


What is Parsley Health?

For starters, it's a holistic doctor that's not in a basement.

I listened to the founder of Parsley Health, Robin Berzin, speak on a panel last summer. The panel was a group of talented people actively changing the way we deal with (mental and physical) health through food, meditation and innovation.

I was enamored by Robin's vision for a more effective health care and her knowledge of medicine to back it up. I also appreciated her sound understanding of the pros to both holistic and traditional medicine, which I had yet to see in any holistic doctor. 


Why I recommend Parsley Health:

1. They are extremely transparent. Everything you talk about is written in a portal you can easily access and I can call with questions at any time. It's like a therapist for your body. YAY!!

2. A big part of their program is your diet, but unlike a lot of other holistic doctors it's not the only part. If you have a sinus infection, they're going to deal with it. 

3. They use the latest innovated technology and testing that regular doctors don't do. This does not include laying herbs on your stomach or looking at bright lights. 

4.  It's personalized. They really take the time to hear you out and get to know all aspects of your life that could be affecting your health. 

5. It's less expensive than a lot of other holistic doctors. This was part of Robin's vision - affordable holistic health care that actually works. Your insurance will help cover a lot of it too. 

If you prefer to not have your body shut down and you happen to be in NY, LA, or SF check out Parsley Health.  


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