New Clean Beauty Store in NYC - Follain

In typical Saturday-Soho-walking fashion, Taylor and I took a wrong turn that took us to just the right places. First, the Nespresso shop which made picking out coffee seem like a sport. Then, the RealReal pop up shop, where we pretended to understand the design intent behind bags we couldn't afford with an enthusiastic employee. And lastly, Follain.

I first found out about Follain, last summer while on an annual trip to Nantucket and I was ecstatic to find such a gem. Then, just like Christmas magic, I ran into it in NYC. Praise hands. 


Why is Follain different?

1.  Follain has a wide variety of skin, hair and body products, not just makeup. They also have mens products, which I love. There will be a post for the men soon...I promise. 

2. They have their own soap on tap! To aid in the efforts of slimming down on plastic waste, they have custom Follain bottles you can bring back to the store and refill.  

3. It is highly curated with the highest-performing beauty products. So you really can't go wrong. 

4. The amount of restricted ingredients from this store is extensive. You can see the full list here. They believe that "No one should have to sacrifice their health and value for beauty." AMEN. 

5. The aesthetic in this store is drool-worthy.  Taylor and I spent a solid amount of time exploring. 

Products I couldn't resist:

Although a little overpriced, I really love the Goop moisturizer and the Lift spray is awesome and inexpensive. Lastly, the Vapour Organic Beauty foundation is the most flawless foundation I've ever put on my face (it's on the dryer side though, so moisturize well before you use.)

I recommend going into the store and playing with the products to see what works best with your skin, chat with their specialists in the makeup consulting section and take in all the (clean) beauty your eyes can handle. 

If you're wanting last minute Christmas gifts - it's a safe bet to get just about anything online.