The Cruelty's On Us.

Cruelty-free is having it's moment in cosmetics, as big brands like Nars & Mac are hopping on board and we can all agree, that's pretty great. But I quickly learned that it wasn’t just the animals at risk from these products, it was us, the consumers. 

Here's why:

  1. In Europe there are 1,300 ingredients which are banned. In the US there are 11. ELEVEN.
  2. Neither the law nor FDA regulations require tests to demonstrate the safety of products or ingredients used... They also don't require cosmetics companies to share any safety information at all. 
  3. Cosmetic products and ingredients don't even need FDA premarket approval before hitting the shelves. 
  4. Nearly 10,000 chemicals are used in creating cosmetics. Like heavy metals in Foundation, lead in mascara and black carbon in eyeliner. HEAVY METALS IN FOUNDATION ON YOUR FACE.

You get the point, but besides this - switching your products to clean, trustworthy ingredients does amazing things for your skin. Convinced? Let's do it.  

How to transition to clean beauty:

1. Don't throw all your shit away.

Although it's tempting, it's a waste of money and extremely overwhelming. When you run out of something, replace it with the cleaner option. I'm not 100% there, but these are my favorite replacements so far:

Honest Beauty's Everything Primer

Beauty Counter Dew Foundation (light coverage with SPF)

Beauty Counter's Mascara

Well Peoples Bronzer 

Beauty Counter's Lip Sheer 

2.  Don't sacrifice quality.

Nobody is saying you have to buy makeup at Whole Foods, in fact don't, I've tried it. The clean makeup standard is high and brands are striving to give you what you're used to, just cleaner. Here are some of my favorites:

Credo Beauty

 W3ll People

 Juice Beauty

 Honest Company

 Beauty Counter