"Lover": Abbey Holden

I grew up with Abbey. We played a lot of Nancy Drew, choreographed & performed a number of synchronized swimming routines and even took up Irish Dance for a minute. We've been best friends ever since I can remember.

She is an amazing artist. She started out painting watercolor with her grandma when she was ten years old. She painted all through high school (I made her design all of my binders before the first day of school) and studied Studio Art, Art History & Marketing in college. Right after college she landed her dream job at Lily Pulitzer. Now she is starting her own business. I meeean. How cool?

I am constantly inspired by Abbey's ability to create possibilities and spaces for success. 

Check out this video of her studio

Meet Abbey:

What were you doing at Lilly Pulitzer?

I was a print designer for clothes. I hand painted prints, embroidery and textile design. 


How did you know you wanted to start your own business?

I started to get a long list of paintings that people were asking for. I learned a lot at Lilly for the 2 years I was there from extremely talented people which helped me feel more comfortable going for it.

What was holding you back?

You can make a lot of excuses, since it's really scary. And I loved my job- it really was my dream job, but the circumstances weren't working. I realized I was thinking about starting Abbey Holden Studio every morning and knew if it was something that meant this much to me, I needed to follow it. 

Biggest learning experiences so far?

Reach out to everyone and make connections, just to talk with them not necessarily sell them a piece. There are so many different forms of creativity, it's fun to work with other people to get new perspectives and bounce ideas off one another. Also, staying motivated, finding as much inspirtation as I can from other artists, galleries, etc.  

What are your favorite pieces to do?

I love doing pieces for apartments, since they tend to be smaller, and as a result my artwork can really change a room.


Get Social With Abbey:


She was just featured in Domino - NBD.

See more of her work on her website: www.abbeyholden.com

Instagram fam: @Abbeyholden_

 MAJOR Pinterest Inspo: AbbeyMHolden

Or email Abbeyholden@gmail.com  if you're interested in a commissioned piece!