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Green Beauty Power Smoothie

Every morning, I repeat, every morning - I make this smoothie. Unless I'm traveling, in which case - I don't make this smoothie and those are sad days. 

It has evolved over the year, but I think I have perfected it with the right balance of antioxidants, healthy fats, hydrating greens, protein and vitamins. It's a power smoothie to say the least. 

Let's begin. 

Green Beauty Power Smoothie: 

Don't panic, you don't need this fancy Vitamix to make this bad boy. (But isn't it lovely?) I used a single serve blender thing up until last week. 

Step 1: Add  6-8oz's of almond milk, if you want it thicker go with 6oz.  

Step 2: Livwell Protein is my absolute favorite. I like to do two scoops for more protein, but it runs out quickly. VEGA protein is a great alternative that lasts longer. (Chocolate always.)

Step 3: TSP of Moon Juice "Beauty Dust" - increases collagen and silica production with ingredients like pearl and goji. 

Step 4: TSP of Maca - Maca is packed with vitamins, essential minerals and amino acids. It helps increases stamina and combat fatigue. 

Step 5: A handful of spinach or kale or both - for obvious reasons.

Step 6: 1/4 cup of frozen blueberries

Step 7: Half a banana - full banana if I'm feeling really hungry.

Step 8: A TBSP of almond butter or coconut oil - for healthy fat 

Step 9: Two pitted dates - they add sweetness, but are also rich in fiber and magnesium which helps with digestion.

Step 10: A handful of ice...ice baby


It looks like poop, but tastes like gold. ENJOY.


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