Sage Smudge Stick 101

Before living with Taylor, my sage experiences were slim. Besides occasionally smelling it in yoga classes and seeing it at few farmers markets... I had no idea what it was. 

Taylor is a strong believer in "smudging" (the act of using sage). She did it when I moved into my first NYC apartment and again when we moved into our current apartment together. Since then, she's done it after break ups, break throughs - big moments, you get it. 

I had assumed that it was more than just lighting a stick on fire and waving the smoke around our apartment, but I double checked. 

Taylor broke it down for me. And you. With a disclaimer that she's not an expert, it can be as simple or elaborate as you want it to be. 

Why should you smudge?

Really it's to reset the energy in the space. It's a great way to get present to everything the space is not and the possibility of everything it is now. It's a clean start.

If you're going through a big change I highly recommend it! 

Before you start:

Have a clear intention. Be ready to say a mantra over and over in your head. Pick something positive that you want to be spreading.

For example: "Cleanse and bless this home"


Light the sage smudge stick and blow it out so that it's just smoke. 

Rotate the stick clockwise with the wrist. Start with the door or any high traffic areas. Then from the bottom left corner of the room, work your way up the walls - outlining the space. Then from left to right to fill the entire room.

When you've finished the area you want to smudge, let the sage burn out slowly by smothering the smoke. 

Happy smudging!







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