"Lover": Teresa Herchert

Teresa is my Aunt and my go-to person for everything skin, holistic health and everything love—always. 

Teresa is an incredible esthetician and healer. She always has a collection of essential oils clinking around in her purse and a touch that can heal anything, anywhere, at anytime.

If you're in Minnesota, I highly, highly, recommend booking a facial with Teresa. You'll leave with glowing skin and a very happy heart. The HydraFacial is a must-do for me every time I'm home, it will change your life. Schedule one here

Meet Teresa:

What is your favorite part about being an esthetician?

The ability to connect on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. To provide hands on healing and to give others the tools to heal themselves through skin care rituals and nutrition. 

When did you know this was the path you wanted to take?

I was in college taking sign language classes and working part time at Horst Salon Spa. I came to work one day and they said they needed a model for a facial. So I volunteered. She placed her hands on my face and in that moment, every cell in my body knew that this is what I was supposed to do.  

"In that moment, every cell in my body knew that this is what I was supposed to do"


Was there ever a time you doubted it? 

I have never doubted being an esthetician. I have had experiences being frustrated and limited with choices, because of where I work and the standards that they set. After a 17year career, I went out on my own to start a new and exciting adventure in results driven skincare that I love!

What's the biggest fear you overcame when starting your own spa? 

When I left my career at Horst, it was a completely humbling experience. It was all new to me. Financially, I had been very successful with a consistent loyal clientele, so to start over was super scary! I danced with the idea of going back, but I am happy I took the risk because its been a wonderful journey.

"The best advice is to fall in love" 

What is your biggest piece of advice for clear, glowing skin?

Skin will show how healthy you are, how happy you are and how in love you are! The best advice is to fall in love, (your skin will never be happier) eat turmeric with ginger daily, also - happy belly means happy skin! Get a great probiotic, wash your face in the sink not the shower. Why? Capillaries are fragile and as we age, mold, mildew and heat can leave skin with an uneven tone. Trust me, I can always tell if someone is doing that! No picking! Regular facials and rituals are a must.

The essential oil you always have on hand and why:

I always have peppermint. Breath, digestion and if anyone has a headache this is the one. For sinus headaches, put a drop on the roof of your mouth. For tension headaches, put a drop on hairline and temples, but watch out, it has a bite so make sure to have coconut oil on hand in case it's too strong. 

What advice would you give your 20-year-old self?

I would tell my 20-year-old self sunscreen! Never burn! Don't forget your neck and hands, love and appreciate your body exactly as is!

What are you most proud of?

I am most proud of the healing aspect of my career. I get to advise, educate and see instant results daily. I love learning and I am very proud of the education I have been given and super proud of all the people I know in this industry. They all inspire me! 

Emmie's takeaways:

Never wash your face in the shower. 

Get some peppermint essential oil.

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Fall in love.