San Francisco: "Farm Dinner"


I went to San Francisco last weekend to visit my very best friend, Katie. We've been best friends since we were three years old. We grew up as neighbors, went to college in the same city and now I'm in NYC and she's in SF. So being with her was ahhhmazing.

It was a jam-packed weekend with little to no sleep, but what I couldn't wait to show you guys was our dinner at Hidden Villa Farm. Katie's older sister, Jen (whom I love) lives and works on the farm. Her house is, as Katie puts it, "the way life's suppose to be." It's just the necessities and so cozy.

We walked around the farm gathering fresh heirloom tomatoes, zucchini and red peppers for our pizza. And potatoes for fries of course. As we were picking out our soon to be dinner and eating fresh fruits, Jen explained the ins-and-outs of everything "farm." One thing that blew my mind was that EVERY organic corn has a worm at the top. That's how you know it hasn't been sprayed with anything. The worm looks gross, but it was the best corn I've ever had. 

After we gathered all of our fresh produce we brought the goods to the outdoor kitchen to wash, cut, grill, bake and then finally feast. The pizza was so fresh and I loved every second of it. 

In conversation with Jen:

How did you get into farming?

I got into farming after I graduated from college. I was pre-med in school and wanted to be some sort of doctor, but after exploring the medical world I found it wasn't the right fit for me. I was still really passionate about health and my understanding of health was always founded in preventative care - diet and exercise really - so I decided I needed to learn more about food in order to understand the way it impacts our health. I started out working with students on an education farm in Louisville, KY but found out I just really liked the farming aspect. So I decided to farm and have loved it since!

What is the biggest misconception of farming?

I think there are a lot of misconceptions about farming, and organic farming is not exempt from false notions. The term organic can mean a lot of things, but largely it's just a certification. Organic farms can still spray chemicals and practice techniques that may not be best for ecology, soil or the environment. Small scale organic farms like Hidden Villa, often farm with the environment and overall spirit of organic in mind. 


Favorite part about living at Hidden Villa?

There are so many things I love about living on the farm. I think right now it's the crickets I hear at night serenading me to sleep. That and having my grocery store in my back yard!

Goals for the future?

My goal for the future is to have a farm in my home town where I can feed the families I know and love. 

Hidden Villa Farm:


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