Updating You on Some Updates

Hello, you beautiful people!

January updates:

1. Apple Cider Vinegar is a game changer.

Before bed each night, I have been putting Apple Cider Vinegar on the end of a Q-tip and dabbing it onto trouble spots on my skin. I started noticing a difference after three days. It helps even-out dark spots and clear up acne. It's magical people. 

Note: I recommend testing this out on a small amount of skin to make sure you don't have a reaction.

Also, p.s. - Thanks Mom for turning me on to this smelly liquid. 


My morning smoothie has never been so exciting. What's my morning smoothie? I'LL TELL YOU! Just click riiigghttt... here.


3. Songs I have on repeat:

I share what I'm listening to a lot because it just feels like a natural thing to share with you. Do you care though? TBH, feedback would be greatly appreciated.

4. My style inspo for the week:

It's kinda dreary in the city and I'm trying to be cozy. It's just a vibe, ya dig?

5. I softly launched...

A"TBH" Instagram for a number of reasons, mostly to spare my OG followers from all the hashtags. Again, it's only softly launched, but check-er-out if you want more "TBH" in your life. @tbhbyemmie

Much love,