Girl Bossin'

When I was nine, I had an idea...

That holiday season, I would make my family members pay me $5 to park in our driveway. I was young enough that they couldn't say no and old enough to know they weren't fond of my new idea. Never the less, I set up a table with a sign that read something like, "Merry Christmas. $5 to park." And I would not let them pass until they paid. 

Illustration by  Michelle John

Illustration by Michelle John

How did I think of this? Why did I think of this? I truly have no idea. All I know is that it was a #GIRLBOSS moment and one that, TBH, I'm pretty proud of. 

So, how did that nine year old girl make people pay her $5 to park in a driveway they have parked in a hundred times for free and how I do tap into that little girl boss, everyday?

Tapping into Girl Boss in 3,2,1...

3. Create opportunities

I had gone a whole 8 holidays before I thought of charging my relatives to park in our driveway. 

Sometimes creating opportunities doesn't hinge on making big life changes. Sometimes it's simply optimizing on a part of your life that's already there. Flip something on it's head and see what comes of it. Think unreasonably in every aspect of your life for five minutes and see where it leads you. This can be as simple as redecorating your room, but also as big as starting your own company. 

If you were unreasonable, what opportunity could you create today?

2. Know your potential

So I had found an unexpected opportunity, but how was I going to pull it off? I knew the worth of the driveway was high, seeing as though there was nowhere else to park. I also knew I had the most legit set up in the neighborhood. I knew both things had potential. 

Trusting your potential is arguably the hardest of the three steps because it's the one with the most self doubt. People will be doing what you're doing and some doing it more successfully. But don't let comparison fool you into thinking you're any less worthy of doing it.

For example, starting a blog. Everyone and their mothers (including mine) has started one. I was hesitant at first because I didn't think I would have anything different to say or be able to say it any better then anyone else and that's what fear does, it creates doubt. But then I trusted my voice because it was uniquely mine and I realized that my authenticity is my greatest potential and it's yours as well.

1. Own it

Once I knew what the potential was, I owned it unapologetically. I didn't care that for as long as I had been alive - they had parked for free. That year it was $5. 

In my opinion, this is the easiest step, because it's really just you living in the reality you've created.

There in that driveway, freezing my butt off with my folding table, wooden stool and sign - I couldn't have been more excited to live out this unexpected opportunity.

Be proud of what you're doing. Make it hard for them to say no. And for the love of pete and nancy - trust yourself. 

P.s. Shout out to my parentals for letting me charge our relatives, because they could have shut that down real-quick.