Creative Funk-a-Dunk

One of the reasons I started this blog was to give myself a place to authentically create and do so consistently. SO... In honor of that, I'm writing a post about how I haven't really been doing that.

What's happening:

Authentic? Always. Consistent? Not so much. I've been too meticulous about my writing and have tried too hard to control it. Thus, I'm just not posting. 

I was in the middle of writing a new years post and it just wasn't working. So I stopped forcing it and started writing a post to get my butt in gear. And maybe inspire your butt too, who knows. (See #5 below.) 

What to do about it:

Here are my top five tips to help you get back to your most creative self. 

1. Stop being so hard on yourself

It's OK man. This happens to everyone. Don't get stuck on what you're not doing and be open to whatever you are doing.

I love the quote by Banksy, "If you get tired learn to rest, not to quit." 

2. The right music is key

For me, music is a subconscious stimulus. I work well with chill beats or instrumentals. There is also a Spotify playlist literally called, "creativity boost" that I used awhile back. Really, it's just a matter of what inspires you. 

Here are two songs I listened to while writing this post.

3. Don't think, just create

I do this A LOT. In fact, I did it with the start of this blog. When I'm writing scripts for work, I often don't have an idea before I type the first words. I literally just type. Words pop into my head and I challenge myself to work with whatever they are. Like for instance, I start with "open on a tight shot of a crushed water bottle," and I build a script from there. (I'll actually build that script later.)

Just let the words be written - you never know where they will lead you. This creative freedom translates into other mediums too: paint, play, cook, read, sing etc. 

4. "Get big"

I don't do well working in my head or being stationary. I need to be able to physically move my body, let a joke play out, and usually yell at Steph (nicely.) A white board is always helpful. Just be free, do jumping jacks, stretch and "GET BIG," your ideas will follow suit. 

5.  Share, share, share. Then go ahead and share.

Creativity is a gift meant for giving. Share your work even when you're in a creative funk-a-dunk and you think whatever you're doing isn't worth sharing. Get a different point of view, have someone tell you it's horrible, get rid of it, let it spark something in someone else, take a different direction, let go of it and JUST SHARE IT.