Almond milk. How could you?

"We don't carry almond milk anymore. Only oat milk." 

Was the response I got when I ordered my almond milk cappuccino from my favorite coffee shop. It wasn't, "do you want to try oat milk instead?" NO. Almond milk was no longer. When I asked why, I heard a mumble jumble of, "sustainable, better, less sugar, steam, blah blah"

At a different coffee shop a few days later, I over heard a woman say, "I'll have oat milk, it's more sustainable right?" which was responded with a resounding, "YES" from anyone close enough to hear her.  

So, here I am. Questioning everything. 

When I started to do some research on oat milk...there wasn't much. At least not from my trusty wellness sites. And everything I could find was highly contradictory. 

So why was everyone (two coffee shops) on the same page about oat milk? And why were they so freaking sure of it? And why Oat milk instead of almond milk? What about hemp or coconut or rice milk? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS.

This is what I gathered. 

Almond Milk vs. Oat Milk:


The most obvious reason for this sudden shift to Oat milk is that California produces 80% of the worlds almonds. Almonds use A LOT of water to produce, 1.1 gallon PER almond to be exact. Which, I'm sure you're aware, is not good for California. 

Oats on the other hand, can grow with much less water. And according to the North America Millers Association, "After oats are milled into food products, the leftover hulls are a clean and renewable energy source that can replace coal in generating electricity and steam." (GO OATS!) 


The nutritional information of oat vs almond milk was so contradictory that I can't give you any specifics confidently. Outside of the fact that almond milk is the lowest calorie cow milk alternative—roughly 24 calories per 100ml. While Oat milk is roughly 45 calories per 100ml. Which, who cares. 

However, I can say confidently that ANY milk alternative that isn't fortified (meaning it doesn't contain crucial vitamins) isn't worth drinking. So whichever one is fortified is more nutritious. 

Oat milk is also a great option for people who have multiple allergies, specifically to nuts. So for coffee shops that seems like an appropriate OPTION. 


Personally, I prefer almond milk. Probably because I'm used to it. But I'm three days in to having only oat cappuccinos and I'm not sold. Yet. 


The biggest argument against almond milk is definitely it's lack of sustainability and for that, I am willing to continue to give oat milk a chance. 

Specifically these two oat milks because they seem to be the only two oat milks available...


Let me know if you guys have tired these. Also, any other oat milk thoughts welcome!!!!