Takeaways from Dr. Aviva Romm at Sakara

If you don't already know this, know this—I am an avid Sakara lover. Sakara is a high-end, plant based meal delivery, but oh so much more. They have changed my relationship with food, even before I was vegan.

Sakara hosts "Wellness Wednesdays," where they invite "Sakarlites" to their headquarters for a discussion. This time, it was to listen to Dr. Aviva Romm talk about her new book, The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution, and the new line of meals Sakara has created based off it called, Sakara Level II. 

Dr. Aviva Romm is amazing to say the very, VERY least. She became a midwife at the age of 16 (16!!!) and went to Yale School of Medicine several years later, with every intention of bridging the gap between conventional and natural medicine. 

Dr. Romm's dedication in her book sums up, quite beautifully, why she wrote it and why she started her practice.

“To all women who have felt unseen and unheard, you are not invisible and you are not alone. To all who have been told “It’s all in your head,” it is not. And to all who have felt like you’ve been sleeping for too long, rise and shine. Let’s move mountains together.” - Dr. Aviva Romm


Takeaways from the night:

1. Find trustworthy information

Whitney, Danielle and Dr. Aviva Romm talked for awhile about the importance of credited sources. There is so much information on health, what foods you should/shouldn't be eating and a convincing argument from each side—all at the touch of a finger.

Swifting through all this information can be extremely overwhelming, even Danielle and Whitney admit to that. For the rest of us, whose job it isn't, it's terrifying. Deep breathes. Dr. Aviva Romm's website is a great source and so is Sakara's S-life Mag.  

I trust Danielle and Whitney with my life, literally. And they trust Dr. Aviva Romm with theirs and their business'. Which is why I bought Dr. Aviva Romm's book. 

2. Know your baseline

Your baseline is when your body is most comfortable, digesting properly and your circadian rhythm is balanced. It's important to know what your baseline is and what gets you there because we are human and at some point you will stay up too late, eat that third piece of pizza and go off path.

GOOD NEWS - one of the easiest ways to get back to your baseline is sleep. Messing with your circadian rhythm can carry over into cravings, acne, poor digestions, mood swings—the whole shabang. 

3. Sakara Level II

Sakara Level II is taking the best of Dr. Aviva Romm's program and pairing it with the best of Whitney and Danielle's nourishing meals. It was designed to get you back to your baseline and as Danielle put it, "starve" the bad bacteria in you adrenal, kidneys and thyroid that could be causing a number of toxic things. 

I am doing it next week guys!!! I haven't done a detox like this in a long time so, TBH, I'm a little intimidated. But like I said, I trust Whitney and Danielle with my life and I will be sure to update you on my Sakara Level II journey. 

4. Stress and how it effects the body 

Stress: Dr. Aviva Romm explained that our stress levels can be compared to that of a lion preying on a gazelle and a gazelle escaping a lion. Both animals have a surge of adrenalin, fight or flight mode is activated and when it's done, they go on with their days.

"We go through those exact same surge of feelings, only on a smaller scale 100+ times a day." - Dr. Aviva Romm 

Dealing with it: Taking time for meditation and relaxation are crucial to managing stress and maintaining our cortisol levels. Before we left the Sakara headquarters for the night, Dr. Aviva Romm guided us through what she calls a,"quickie."

Sit up straight, close your eyes and take 4 deep breathes. On the next breathe in - count to 4 and think,"I AM." On your exhale count to 8 and think, "AT PEACE." Repeat 4 times. 

5. "Hold a space for power"

Dr. Romm explained how she often can see the power and strength in her patient's bodies before they do. So she "holds a space for power" until they believe it themselves.  

I loved this so much. Are you holding a space for power for your own body? 

Your body is miraculous. Be kind to it, believe in it and hold space for it.