Glowing skin after a flight? Yes.

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I travel on average three times a month. Although I'm extremely grateful for the opportunity to do it as often as I do and also (way too) proud of my Platinum Medallion status on Delta, it can take a toll, especially on my skin.

It took me awhile to find an airport routine that didn't leave me feeling dehydrated and dirty after a a day of travel, but I think I've finally perfected it... 

Making Your Face (Sky) Priority

Liquids, Gels and Aerosols

Every time I step into an airplane bathroom, I have the same alarming thought, "WHAT IS HAPPENING TO MY FACE?" I'll tell you what's happening (beside the unforgiving bathroom light,) the air in the plane is completely drying out your skin, causing it to over produce oils and create breakouts.

To avoid all that, I use a good lotion before the flight and I try to use a hydrating mist during, both even out the moisture and combat the harsh airplane air. Once landed, I like to use this moisturizing and antibacterial coconut wipe, it's like washing your face without washing your face. Bless. Finally, I add a little mascaralip balm and deodorant (this one has cooling effect—great for travel) and you're good to go.

Peanuts, Pretzels or Cookie? 

It's easy to fall in the land of snacks at an airport, but let me tell you—it's a dark hole of dissatisfaction, dehydration and breakouts. That being said, I would never get on a plane without food or water because I'm not that kind of risk taker. 

FOOD: Most importantly, stay away from super salty or carb heavy foods that will dehydrate you faster than the TSA PreCheck line. You can (almost) always find something quick and healthy to bring on the plane, but if all else fails, choose an apple, orange or any fruit.

If you're tempted by all the dehydrating snacks—get your butt to a pack of gum. 

LIQUIDS: When you're in the air, opt for a sparkling water with lime—hydration with fizz! Lastly, bring your own water bottle. I just started doing this because I had no idea you could bring it through security as long as it's empty. Highly recommend people. There is a drinking fountain near every bathroom in almost every airport and you will end up drinking 3x the amount of water and saving the earth. 

Safe Travels! 

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