Giving Up On Coffee

Coffee is a ritual, arguably one of the most exciting parts of our morning and the perfect, "let's catch up" beverage. In most cases, it's become habitual, and we've become blind to how it is really effecting us. 

So I gave up coffee for a week.

The withdrawal symptoms were so real, too real. I had a migraine for three day, fatigue so extreme it physically hurt and crazy brain fog. It was clear I was addicted. After 3 days of coffee detox, my body readjusted and I was good to go.

Starting from a new base point allowed me to gauge more accurately how my body was really reacting to coffee. The two major differences I saw:

Anxiousness: I would have never told you I had anxiety, but the difference between having coffee everyday to every other day - has cut my, rather unknown to me, anxiety in half. 

Sleep: Like a baby.  

There are some upsides to having the appropriate amount of coffee. I'm not saying to give up coffee forever - it's not necessary nor am I a crazy person. That being said, I HIGHLY recommend giving it up for a week and seeing what your body does without it and how it reacts when you bring it back. In the meantime here are some coffee alternatives to help you do it. 

Close, but not coffee:

1. For the caffeine buzz - Matcha

Matcha is the purest form of green tea with a long list of health benefits. It is highly caffeinated, but it will never leave you feeling jittery and anxious, like coffee often does. It's a more gradual buzz, which I prefer. It can be an acquired taste, so acquire it. Also look out for sugary matcha - it's everywhere, it's delicious and it's going to spike blood sugar which will leave you with an afternoon crash. 

You can make your own matcha, but TBH it looks difficult and I'm not trying to exert that kind of energy. My favorite matcha spots in the city are: Bibble & Sip (ask for 1/2 or no sugar) and Matcha Bar.

2. For the cold brewers' - Iced tea

You'll get the ice...Choose a bitter tea instead of a sweet one and add in a nut milk to get to a closer consistency. 

3. For the latte consistency - Golden milk

Turmeric is a powerful medicinal herb - it's anti-inflammatory and filled with antioxidants that are good for your brain, joint pain and overall health. Pairing it with ginger and/or black pepper activates these benefits in your body. This Golden Milk is the perfect combo and super easy (warm up some coconut milk on the stove over medium heat and stir consistently.) It will have the same soul-warming effect as your favorite latte. 

4. For the bathroom run - Decaf Coffee

It's the not the caffeine in coffee that makes you need to poop, it's the Chlorogenic acid (in decaf coffee too) that triggers higher stomach acid levels and higher production of gastric acid. I.e. the bathroom run. 

So yes, you can drink decaf coffee and not feel like you're wasting your time. YAY!

5. For the people that won't do this - Coffee

You're not ready, I get it. Even if you can cut down your coffee intake to one cup a day, that's a start. Then try every other day until you're ready to take the week off. Just listen to your body along the way and don't be afraid of the withdrawals, they will go away I promise. Transformation happens when we're uncomfortable!