Hard Reboot

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February is always a busy month for me. Besides it being my birthday month - I traveled every other weekend and piled werk on top of work. Don't get me wrong, I loved every second of it. It was filled with much love and my favorite people. However, it was not filled with proper amounts of sleep. 

In an effort to not hit the snooze button every morning for the next week, I'm doing my "reboot." Which basically means I'm thanking my body for keeping me afloat and honoring it by giving it exactly what it needs. 

Let's reboot...

The kind of reboot when you hold the power button down so hard on your computer, you feel like you're teaching it a lesson.

Food first, for obvious reasons. 

The best restorative work, I think, is one that gives your digestion a break. Start by cutting down on caffeine and drinking TONS of water. I like to drink a smoothie in the morning because it's an easy way to pack in a bunch of nutrients. Stick to a plant based diet for lunch and dinner (if you can do gluten free - even better.) Helpful hint: soups are great because they're easy to digest.

My "reboot cocktail" is great for morning or night. 

8 oz of Hot water

1-2 tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar 

Lemon wedge

20 drops of Ginger Root

Clean space. Clean face.

I always prefer to have my space clean before anything else. First, I light a candle because I'm obsessed with candles. Then wash my sheets, fold my laundry, clean off counter tops and vacuum. Trust me, you will be so glad you did this all first. 

Usually when I need a hard reboot, it means that I've had some long nights, which my face so kindly reminds me of with sporadic break outs. I combat these breakouts by using the  Farmaesthetic Fine Herbal Cleanser - It has a very calming smell and is both gentle and refreshing. Then I do whichever face mask I'm feeling that day, which lately has been the Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask. I'll leave the mask on while I soak in the tub, then finish with a toner and moisturizer after.

My love for tub taking obviously plays a crucial role in my reboot process. It increases blood circulation, soothes muscles and helps to destress. I always start by Dry Brushing to get rid of any toxins (use a rough towel if you don't have one) and then I pick one of my three favorite baths to take. If you don't have a tub the hot shower water can do the trick too.   

Happy mind. Happier unwind.

If you can get a yoga class or any restorative class in, GREAT. If not-no biggie. You can always find yoga on youtube or simple moves on Pinterest. Just be mindful to how your body is feeling - twist, stretch and cleanse. If you don't feel like moving - practice meditation or read. 

If you're willing to invest a little more, I HIGHLY recommend a massage or facial. I try to budget accordingly so that I'm able to do either one at least once a month. My favorite place to do both is, Naturopathica. Their waiting room is a meditation space, so I recommend going in early to take advantage of this glory.They will also give you a free elixir or tonic from their vitality bar (ahhhhmazing.)

Lastly, make sleep become your priority. It's more difficult to do a hard reboot when your circadian rhythm isn't on your side. Set a time for bed and honor it, make yourself some calming tea, don't look at your phone an hour before bed and dream sweet.

March, I'm ready for ya. 


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