That Detox I Told You About



I had mentioned the "Sakara Level II" detox in my post about Dr. Aviva Romm. I finished that detox last week and I learned some things that I deemed interesting enough to share with you.

A quick recap of what this detox consisted of: No grains, nuts, sugars of any kind, caffeine, alcohol or night shades. I dry brushed twice a day, had a veggie breakfast (delicious), veggie lunch (even better), coconut kefir (made me gag only because I'm not a fan of coconut), herbal broth (not shabby and filling), detox tea and so much water. 

Five things I learned Sakara Level II:

1. V intentional:

A large part of the detox was focused around nutrition, but the second largest part was focused on mindfulness. Making an intention each day was a helpful way to stay present to how my body was feeling. I took a few deep breathes each morning and made my intention - a few examples were, "I am present, I am patient, I am healing." Making an intention is a great way to quickly reset at any point of the day. Highly recommend. 

2. Umm... excuse me, nightshades?

This is random, but I just think it's cool.

There are two types of nightshades, common and poisonous. The common ones include white potatoes, eggplant, tomatoes and peppers. The poisonous ones are actually the majority of them and they are extremely toxic and often fatal to humans. They both come from the same stem though... 



3. Restorative work...who knew!

When listening to my body and what it needed each day I realized my first instinct was to give it food. But when I really listened, (slash had no choice to give it food because of said detox), I realized that restorative work is often what it was asking for. 

Some restorative work I did included: essential oils for my caffeine withdrawal headache, mustard soaks and epsom salt tubs as well as 30 minutes of completely mindful yoga - letting my body move entirely on it's own. 

4. Ohhh, THIS is what willpower is...

When you have the right amount of nutrients in your body it is much easier to have willpower. Because your brain is being fed information that you're A-OK. When you don't have the right nutrients, your brain is fed information that it is "starving." As Dr. Romm puts it, "your body will always choose survival over fitting in your skinny jeans," which means - lack of willpower and a craving for carbs and sugar for quick energy when you don't have the right nutrients from the get-go. 

I put my willpower to the test at an event at The Wing , where normally I would be tempted by the fresh fruit or hot coffee. I put it to the test again that night at an event with OKREAL at Lou & Grey - I didn't even look twice at the wine and snacks. 

5. #Power #Body #What #Whoa

The last day of my detox I thanked my body for going on this journey with me. It never let me down even when I had (the most nutritious) broth for 5 nights in a row. TBH, my body is much more powerful than I give it credit for. 


First thing I ate after my detox: My smoothie

Did I feel different? Not right away, but the following days after I felt leaner and much more energized. 

How did I give up coffee? This was the hardest part. I went through actual withdrawal symptoms - severe headache and extreme fatigue. It lasted two days, then I was ok. 

Was it a juice cleanse? NO, no, no. NO. Sakara Level II is the farthest thing from a juice cleanse, it is packed with nutrient rich meals and supplements. 

Do I recommend it? YES, yes, yes. YES. In order to do Sakara Level II, you have to have a subscription. I recommend starting out with a regular meal program first. Check it out at


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