Making Your Room a Sanctuary

I recently attended a talk by, Rashia Bell at Sakara Life's Wellness Wednesday. And let me tell ya, I learned a lot.  

Rashia Bell founded The Crystalline, which she says, "merges the aesthetic with the energetic." She takes her holistic understanding of different crystal energies and pairs it with her interior design expertise. 

Rashia believes that the space you live in should be the foundation of your wellness, it should be all things energizing, grounding and healing.  

Thanks to my Mother, I've always had an innate desire to make any place I'm living feel like a home, so I was already speaking Rashia' s language—next step was adding the energetic and healing part. 

From Room to Sanctuary

1. Get Rid of Stagnant Space

WHY: Stagnant energy is a space or object (usually one that you don't pay attention to) that can feel heavy or in the way. When Rashia brought up having stagnant energy, I immediately said to myself, "my coat rack has to go." Sorry coatrack. 

HOW: I try not to hold on to things that don't serve a purpose, but the coat rack, was serving a huge purpose—accumulating all of my coats, hats, scarves and bags. It became stagnant energy for two reasons: It didn't bring me joy and it ended up being a clutter of things I don't want to see everyday. So I went home and threw everything off my coat rack (liberating) and then the coat rack out of the room (exhilarating.) Getting rid of stagnant energy is a GREAT feeling.

WHAT ABOUT YOU? Your space is a direct correlation of your life. If you want to see change in your life, start by simply rearranging your room. If you want clarity on a decision, declutter. What in your space feels heavy, causes clutter or serves no purpose? Find it and get rid of it. I'd love to hear what you rid of and why!

2. Crystals Do More Than Look Pretty

WHY: Crystals are powerful gems and stones that hold the earth's vibration. How cool? I have alway been interested in crystals, mostly for aesthetic purposes with the added, "I hope they're actually doing something." Thanks to Rashia, I now know they are—in fact, they're energetically balancing my space in this very moment. What what!! 

HOW: Every crystal has their own unique benefits. I have a dark quartz that I lay on my electronics at night, (it absorbs the electromagnetic waves.) I have Selenite which clears blockages and creates an energetic seal of protection, which I'll put in my door way or even on a part of my body I want open, like my heart or throat. And last but not least, a himalayan salt ball that dissolves in the tub. And you know I love my tubs

WHAT ABOUT YOU? Get some crystals in your life! TBH, there is no wrong way to do this. The ones you're naturally attracted to are likely to be the most powerful ones for you. Rashia recommended two places that you can find quality crystals—Stick Stone & Bone and Astro Gallery, and If you're interested in learning more check out, The Big Book of Stones!

3. Smudge-a-dudge-dudge

WHY: If you don't have a coat rack to get rid of, smudging is a great way to move stagnant energy. I was skeptical of it in the beginning, but guys I'm telling you, you will feel lighter after smudging your space.

HOW: Light the end of it enough to create some smoke, wave the smoke around the door ways, in and out of corners and keep a positive and healing intention throughout the process. Make sure to open your windows so you can watch the smoke/energy leave the space! 

WHAT ABOUT YOU? Go get a sage stick in your life! It's a perfect way to renew your space and have a clear beginning for whatever your next amazing step is.

Now go create your sanctuary!