My Hair

I never thought I'd say "people have been requesting." So thank you for giving me an opportunity to say: People have been requesting more information on my hair and here is everything you need to know. 


TBH, I get my haircut when my mom tells me too which is never when I think it should be. This fun exchange usually happens every 3-4 months. 

I ask for blunt ends, more movement, but "do whatever you think" - every time. Finding a master stylist you trust enough to say, "do whatever you think" is half the game. In NYC, it's Jay Braff at Spoke & Weal. In MN, it's Pearson Knight. 


Back to my mom - she wouldn't let me touch my hair color until I was a Junior in college. So when I was finally given the green light I asked for, "really subtle, like not noticeable at all, just a little" for about a year. Then I moved to New York and I quickly found my look: partial balayage, cooler tones on the bottom, smooth transitions on top and always a liiiiiitle blonder each time. But really, whatever makes you feel confident—do that. 

Again, finding a colorist you trust is important. I have two in NYC - Ricardo at Bumble & Bumbleamazing, but doesn't work on weekends. Tom Davitt at Spoke & Wealhe is everything. 


The flatiron is your best friend with this length of hair. I feel far too girly-curly when I use a curling iron. I don't use products every time I do this, but if I do: Beach Grit and Dry shampoo (if necessary.) 

The Perfect Beach Wave:


The easiest way to set your stylist and colorist up for success is with visuals. They can't read your mind and if you're both nodding your heads saying "yes," that does not mean you're on the same page. I think we've all been down that road. 

Here's a Pinterest board for easy visuals and no confusion.