Twenty Two Things You Don't Know About Me

 I'm terrified of the dark

I went to college for equestrian studies and I left majoring in Creative Advertising 

My favorite clothing brand is Rag & Bone.

I'm a professionally trained makeup artist.

I'm roughly 50% Italian, 50% German—but everyone thinks I'm Swedish or French. 

My childhood nickname was "The Bub" because I was a chubby baby. 

I disaffiliated from a sorority in college.

My biggest pet peeves are slow walkers and disrespect. 

The next place I want to travel is Greece.

I have no tattoos and only one piercing (my ears.)

I've needed glasses since birth, but I didn't get them until third grade which set me back in school dramatically.

I met my boyfriend in elementary school.

I've had the same best friend since I was three years old.

I legitimately thought I was an alien growing up.

I used to wear a patch on my ass for ADHD medicine and people called me, "ass patch" for at least a week. 

I once made it through TSA without a government issued form of ID, only my high school lunch card. 

Going out to eat and getting a massage are the biggest luxieres to me. 

My favorite foods are avocados and hummus.

I wanted to be a teacher or a dog when I grew up—yes, a dog.

I have beat nearly every Nancy Drew game with my friend Abbey and on that note, I really love games

I have wanted to live in NYC since the first time I visited, which was when I was 10

I don't like sand