Just Chatting About My Day

TBH, I'm pretty exhausted. I was up until nearly 3am watching 13 Reasons Why and then I woke up early to pack for my trip to Minnesota. I made my smoothie, I got dressed in appropriate office attire that also doubled as a comfortable airplane outfit and left for the office.

I went to work and wrote scripts until I had to leave for the airport—given my 13 Reasons Why binge (seriously though, you should watch it) my script writing was sub par. 

Not one, but three TSA officials commented on my "Or Nah" sweatshirt, while going through security. After I had the X-ray taken the TSA man literally said, "you can step out, or nah..." I laughed.


I got a complementary upgrade to first class and slept the entire time. Bless.

My sister picked me up from the airport, I really missed her. I got home and kissed my dogs until they ignored me and then Starr and I headed out for some sushi. Over miso soup, we talked about our goals, desires and how annoying being in "limbo" is. By the time our sushi came we weren't talking, because it took an hour and half to come and we were starving.


After our sushi date, we caught the end of the Wild game with my parents. It's play off season and they lost. 

And now I am going to bed, because like I said, I'm exhausted.