Daily Blog 17: Takeaways Today From People I Admire

I'm waiting to board my flight back to NYC, I have black sheep pizza by my side and I can barely keep my eyes open. I am so filled up and exhausted in the best way because this trip (and every trip) to Minnesota was spent with people I admire and love dearly.

So I thought I'd give you some takeaways from my day, besides the music theory that my uncle taught me - for obvious reasons. 

Takeaways today from people I admire:

Being a creative leader that leads in integrity and marvels in others growth and supports it, is the best kind. 

Finding your possy, people, whatever you want to call them, is SO important in making your vision come true. 

Believing you are terminally unique or alone in any situation will only make you suffer more. 

Being humble is a characteristic I really admire in people. 

Flaxseed makes an amazing brighteningeye mask. A teaching from Teresa (of course.) 

The power of starting is real!!! I sat down with three different people today who are starting their own businesses/projects. So inspiring.

Quote that I'll never forget, “the smartest thing you hear me say I probably learned from someone else." - My Dad