Putting In My Two Weeks

I'm in the final two weeks at my current Job and the fact that I'm leaving is finally starting to hit me. I say, "finally" because I actually put in my "two weeks," eight weeks ago, but I was asked to stay longer for a number of reasons that are besides the point.

This transition period has been really interesting. There have been many days where everything has been up in the air, days where I've really just wanted to say f*ck it, days I've regretted decisions, days I've been super excited and days with everything in between. 

But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, which is such a surreal and rewarding feeling. I should note: It sounds like I was tortured at my current job—I wasn't, I actually really liked the people and the entire experience taught me a lot, which I'm grateful for. But yes, yes, I am SO ready for the next chapter.

 I follow this woman on instagram, (who I just adore) and she posted something today that resonated with me and reminded me how incredible of a desire it is to want to learn, move forward and be brave. 

I see taking the next opportunity in my career as the tiny chance to be brave. And I too, "pray that I have the guts to live a life of holy undoing. A life of joyful unsettlement."