Am I a Workaholic?

At church today our pastor talked about being a "workaholic," which I immediately presumed I was. As he continued to speak, there were three questions I asked myself. 

Does  my work define me?

My Dad constantly reminds me to be of service in everything I do. It's engrained in me to be mindful of the opportunities and gifts I'm given in this life, and also to understand that they aren't for me to hold on to, but rather for me to give away and share. This is something I strive to do in my blog.   

Ultimately, I think that my work defines me to a certain extent, but I have every desire for my work to serve others more than define me.

Do I loose sleep because of my work?

Yes, I can really get myself in a tizzy quickly. Usually a good tizzy of creating and writing, but a tizzy that can keep me from sleeping nonetheless. It's the adrenaline of a good idea or the excitement of an opportunity that I crave and this part of me strongly falls into the workaholic category.  

The point that the pastor made that really resonated with me was that God doesn't stop working his blessings just because you go to sleep. Actually, your opportunities are endless when you have good rest and they are limited when you don’t. 

Do I value my work over everything?

I don't. I don't put my work on a pedestal. Actually, I try to detach from it often—working in Advertising lends itself nicely to practicing detachment, since a majority of the things I work on are killed. I know that even without a blog or a job in advertising I would still have my family and trust that God always has a bigger plans.

Ultimately, I realized that I'm extremely driven and I can undoubtedly get sucked into my work, but what I learned after asking these questions was that (good news,) work isn't the most important thing in my life and it's doesn't solely define me.

I would love to know your thoughts too!! I challenge you to ask yourself these questions! It's a great way to check in if nothing else.