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TBH by Emmie is written by a copywriter living in Los Angeles. Emmie loves metaphors, lists of all kind, vegan food and design. Although, what she writes about is continually evolving.



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Daily Blog 23: RE: day 21

The sun doesn't always come out tomorrow, but tomorrow it did. It defeated all odds against it and proved the weather app very wrong, which I am very happy for. 

I know that logistically I had nothing to do with the sun coming out, but I'd like to think I manifested it in some way. Despite the weather app predicting rain, I looked at the sky this morning and said, "it is going to be sunny." 

And you know what? It's sunny.

There might be a bigger post about "manifesting" at some point, but for now I'll leave you with this: your words and thoughts are powerful, so make them positive and make them intentional.