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TBH by Emmie is written by a copywriter living in Los Angeles. Emmie loves metaphors, lists of all kind, vegan food and design. Although, what she writes about is continually evolving.



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Having A Moment

I'm having a moment. 

The typical moment right before change.

When the anticipation of things dramatically shifting overnight becomes real.  

When you realize you can't really prepare yourself for said change because you don't know what to expect.

When you're hesitant about being taken out of your routine and put into someone else's, knowing it will be a minute until you can call it your own. 

When you start to miss people you haven't left yet. 

When you want to make plans, but don't want to commit to anything, because who knows what this change is about to bring. 

When you want to fast forward through the discomfort and straight to the comfort.

Despite my want for this transitional lull moment to be over, I'm embracing it like it's someone I know and love. 

Because change is a miraculous thing and I cannot freaking wait to see what it brings up for me, how it challenges me—all that good stuff. Can't wait.

Until then, I'll just continue to show up. 

Happy Monday!