It Gets Me Every Time...

Saying, "I have an apartment in NYC" has become second nature, but every time I travel I'm reminded how much of dream come true that really is.

When I landed at the LGA airport last night, I was on the side of the plane that lets you see the city in its entirety. From that point of view, NYC is so simple. I always think, "isn't it crazy how much goes on down there?" Yet from way up here it's just sitting there, peaceful and quiet. It's like an aesthetically pleasing book cover you can't wait to open, read it's story and get to know personally. 

I always look forward to the cab ride into NYC from the airport, because it reminds me of the times I’d visit with my family. That same rush of excitement I experienced over and over again in my childhood, comes rushing back as I take the exit off the highway into the outside edges of the east side of Manhatten. As I drive down avenues and across blocks, I unroll my window just to listen to the city. It’s humming, electric beauty vibrates life and I’m reminded of how special it is to me. 

I have traveled almost every weekend in April, so I guess you could say I missed New York. I'm excited to be with it for a minute, get coffee and catch up.