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The headline is dramatic I know, but for the past few months, my skin has started breaking out worse then ever. Apparently, it's a hormonal thing. I've been avoiding going to the dermatologist, because nearly 100% of the products I put on my face are non-toxic and I don't want to solve the problem with a bunch of chemicals and more toxins.

But I made a promise, that if at the end of the month, the acne hadn't gone away, l would have to see the dermatologist. 

So today... I did just that. 

I sat with her for a total of maybe 6 minutes. I told her that I prefer the holistic approach to skin care and that I have mostly clean products with no toxins in them. She responded with, "what about an antibiotic?" Lady, that is precisely the LAST THING I would ever want to do. 

She ended up giving me a sample of a topical cream. As soon as I left I did some research on it because I won't just put anything on my face. It had horrible reviews and turns out, it's $900.

This will not do.

So, I'm giving it one last shot with all of my clean products. This time I've added in some new key players:

Any one else though??