Daily Blog 27: Chanel X The Wing


This morning I went to The Wing and per usual—I left inspired. 

First off, they had tonics and snacks from abcV. I've been wanting to try this place out for a minute, so you can imagine my excitement. Look at their menu later. You'll understand. 

THEN, I met Amy, the founder of my favorite blog, OKREAL. Without even knowing it, she gave me a sense a complete peace with the fact that I'm young, I have time, don't rush, you're golden. #BLESS

Finally, Chanel makeup artist, CyndLe Komarovski (the epitome of Chanel chic) did a makeup demonstration. While I'm pretty knowledgeable about makeup and the application of it, she had a unique perspective and I can't wait to try some of her techniques out.

Tips from CyndLe:

1.  The tap water in NYC might be causing my breakouts because it strips the acidity from my face. (WHO KNEW?) Using a tonic is super important to rebalance the PH levels and acidity in the face. 

2.  CyndLe does a sour cream mask twice a week. Yes, straight up sour cream. The lactic acid removes dead skin, evens out skin tone and boosts collagen. Because I'm vegan I have mixed feelings, but maybe... 

3. As of late I have not been in to mascara and my days with eyelash extensions are over. Here's  how to get the same benefits of mascara without using it: First, use a waterproof pencil and draw a tight line under your upper lashes. Second, use a powder (ashy color) and fill in your eyebrows (be chill about it.) Both things will give you the same depth and face enhancement as mascara! 

4. I have mixed emotions about highlighter. On one hand, I want that shimmery dimension, on the other, I wish it looked more natural. CyndLe uses lip balm as a highlighter! VOILA, the perfect dewy highlighter without the shimmer. 

5. CyndLe mentioned that people always apologize about some part of their face when they sit in her chair. "I'm sorry my skin, I'm sorry my dark circles etc." She said, "stop apologizing about the things you don't like and start enhancing the things you love about yourself." 

One more thing,

“Red lips are like caffeine for your skin.” 
— CyndLe Komarovski