A Saturday Well Spent

Today was an ideal "Emmie" Saturday.

First and foremost, it was 80 degrees today. I didn't even bring a back up jacket...that's big people. 

I got my hair done, which always makes me feel productive. I went a little blonder than usual and I dig it. Right after hair, I got lunch at The Butchers Daughter. I hadn't eaten alone in a minute, which I think is good to do every once in awhile. Also, there is almost never a wait time for only one person. Very into that. 

Since it was 80 degrees...I walked home from lunch, which was about 45 minutes. 

Later in the afternoon I went to SLT pilates and got my butt kicked. I waddled home from that and cleaned, played the guitar, did a face mask—All good things.

Now, I'm sitting at HU Kitchen with my cousin, Taylor while I write this post. HU is a serious staple in my life in the city. Their Kombucha is painfully overpriced, but it's the best. Also, I love the, "Wrath of Rosenberg" smoothie and everything in the hot section.  


Talk tomorrow, 


P.s I'm pretty impressed with the amount of links that naturally worked in this post.