Daily Blog 28: Saying Goodbye

I said goodbye to my first job in the city today.

I didn't even look back when I got on the elevator to leave. I didn't do the whole, "this is the last time I'm doing this" spiel...I just said goodbye and left. 

I start my new job on Monday, so I don't really have time to mentally linger at my old place. I chose to take the next step and I'm taking it rather quickly. 

Granted the goodbyes were sad, the last hugs were sad, but what I realized was that "goodbyes" are really just an opportunity to say thank you. And that's all I wanted to say over and over. Thank you for the opportunities and the support. Thank you for showing up for me everyday. Thank you for the kind words, the friendship all of that, just THANK YOU. 

Pictured is my friend Steph and leaving her was the hardest part. Even though we have had a five year long (so she claims) friendship, it will be an adjustment not seeing her everyday. But like I said, goodbyes are a great time to say thank you. So, thank you Steph—for being there for me through the good and the bad, for making me a better writer, for making me laugh everyday, for pissing me off everyday, for being my best friend and for sticking by side through it all (literally.)