I Might Regret This

Today, in my Mom’s yoga sculpt class, I was kindly reminded of  how out of shape I am. If you're not familiar with Core Power’s yoga sculpt class, it’s yoga with weights in a heated room. Oh and cardio, because why not. And if you're not familiar with my Mom, well she's a kickass teacher who forces you to practice in the upmost integrity. 

The odds were stacked against me. 

I don’t know if it was my ankle giving out during jumping jacks or my back spasms shortly after class—but I’m pretty sure my body was saying, "oh, lol, now you want to play?” 

I’ve always loved working out and for the most part have had a good relationship with it. However, the past year I've let it fall to the way-side and made other things top priority-like: dinner, work and sleep. I could shorten that sentence with the word, "excuses," but I won't because I'm not there yet. 

To some extent, my lack of desire to workout has been refreshing—I've been mindful to exactly how my body is and have had no desire to change or fix it and no end goal I'm tirelessly trying to achieve. This has been fun. But now, I'm feeling the side-effects of not releasing those necessary endorphins. So, regardless of what I think and say to myself, the truth is my body actually loves working out. 

You'd think that this sculpt class might make me want to jump back into a workout routine, but it didn’t. I left with the same mindset I had going in, plus back spasms.  So, I really had to get clear with myself as to why I'm not working out when I know it’s what my body needs? And then shortly after I said, "who cares what I think, just do it.” 

Do what you know is good for you—despite how you feel. Your feelings will get over it.

Truth is, I know that working out isn't easy, I will have to make time for it, I will be tired, but I also know that I'll be happier because of it. So gosh darnet, I'm making myself priority again. You heard it here first, I’m going to workout twice a week. Who's with me??