The Last Day Before Everything Changes

I woke up today thinking about two things: Today is my last day of blogging for 30 days and it's the last day before the first day of my new job. 

The last day of daily blogging:

I really loved this challenge. Of course, there were a few days that I was tired and didn't feel like it, but I also always kind of felt like it even then. It was a great reminder that I love what I'm doing.

I'm grateful to have this space and to have you to share it with. So, thank you!

Stay tuned for May, it will surely be an adventure. 

The day before my new job:

I woke up and thought, "this time tomorrow I'll be getting ready to go to Fallon" and I felt a sense of my Sunday being stripped away from me. Soon after I that, I went to a meditation class on mindfulness. I let go of living in tomorrow and continued on with my Sunday just fine. 

But still, tomorrow I'm going to a new office, I'm going to meet all new people and work on all new projects. You might be saying, "yes, Emmie, that is precisely what a new job is" and you are absolutely correct. I just still can't believe it!! 

Anyhoo, I'm excited for what's about to take place and even more so—I'm excited to share it with you.

Until then,