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TBH by Emmie is written by a copywriter living in Los Angeles. Emmie loves metaphors, lists of all kind, vegan food and design. Although, what she writes about is continually evolving.



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I'm Teaching Myself How to Play The Guitar

So, my boyfriend left one of his guitars at my apartment. Eventually, I picked it up and with the help of my good YoutTube friend, Justin, I started teaching myself how to play. I was hooked immediately. 

The tips of my fingers hurt, but I still play erryday. I know two beginner songs: Killing Me Softly & I Want to Hold Your Hand. My roommate/cousin is up to here with the noise, but still supportive. My boyfriend is a stupidly amazing guitar player, but he still thinks I'm doing awesome. And my Mom cried at a video I sent her and said, "I love watching your brain think." Have with that information as you will. 

I think what I love most about the guitar is that it's hard to think about anything else but exactly what you're playing—it's almost like a pure form of meditation. I can get lost in it for hours without even realizing. When I'm done playing, I'm in that same relaxed state that I experience after meditation.  

You don't have to have a guitar laying around to do something artistic and creative.

Find something...anything

and let yourself get lost in it.