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How's The Weather?

It has been nothing but cold and rainy in the city. Thanks for asking.

Sometimes I really love when it rains—the smell, the sound, the crisp feeling of the air, the coziness of being indoors. But when I don't see sunlight for too long the rain looses its charm.

I'm surrounded by windows at my desk and although I had a good laugh watching umbrellas run and dance to the subway from hundreds of feet above, it's a real damper. Buildings are disappearing in the fog, my chair is shaking from thunder and the weather app says I should expect this all again tomorrow. 

That being said, I can't let weather ruin my day...

Three ways to combat bad weather blues:

1. Light a candle or two or three 

If there's no light outside, make your own inside. I'm really digging this ILLUME Blackberry Absinthe. Sew good.  


2. Do a face mask 

TBH, this is always a feel-good activity. I'll be using the Tata's Resurfacing Mask. 


3. Listen to music

For obvious reasons. 

I just saved you $299.77 on a seasonal depression light—thank me later.