I Had a Cinnamon Roll Delivered to Work

Well, I actually ordered two cinnamon rolls because there was a minimum delivery fee on Seamless, but I gave the other one to my fellow desk mates to share. Happy Friday!! 


Honestly, I don't know what it is about cinnamon rolls, but they are my ultimate treat. When I went vegan, I knew it would hard not to indulge in the sweet caress of cinnamon amongst frosting, swirled into a doughy perfection. When I started writing this post, I thought for a minute that I might have just created the perfect excuse to try every single vegan cinnamon roll in NYC and write a review on my favorite...

I had to let that thought come and go quickly. 

I do know that By Chloe and Cinnamon Snail both make a phenomenal vegan cinnamon roll. I have a whole list of other vegan cinnamon rolls on my Pinterest page—none of which I have tried to make, yet.

My very, very favorite kind of cinnamon roll though is the traditional pre-made, bake in the oven and smother in icing kind. Trader Joe's Jumbo Cinnamon Rolls are exactly that and MMM so good. Tip: Unroll them, put walnuts in and roll them back up. 

Of course, I almost immediately have a headache from the sugar and my body isn't the happiest, but my heart is saying YES EMMIE. And sometimes your heart knows best.

Enjoy a cinnamon roll, treat yo self and have a great weekend.