That New New York

No "New York minute" is really the same; new friends will open new chapters; new restaurants will open new taste buds and so on. The best part is sometimes all you have to do is walk outside your door to find something new. And really anything new in NYC becomes a ripple effect of inspiration and personal growth.

I had a few new experiences today. 

The first experience was yoga at, Love Child Yoga. If you're familiar with the practice of yoga you know that the way your body moves has a large impact on your release of emotions and energy. Love Child Yoga used a different variation of movement that my body wasn't necessarily used to. So, I got to feel all that release in a way I haven't before. How cool?

The reason I went to Love Child Yoga in the first place was because of my new friend, Lo (she was the inspiration behind my daily blog post too.) You know those people you meet and you're just like, "yep"—that's Lo. We met one night in the elevator leaving The Wing—I think it was our kindred mid-west spirit and phenomenal taste in outer wear that made us instant friends. Although I've only known her for just a few weeks she is already adding a new perspective to my life. Thanks, Lo!

The other new experience, rather big experience, is that I took a voice lesson today. I've been wanting to do this for a minute, but I've pushed it off for nearly a year...The great thing about living in NYC is that the world is at your finger tips and finding an amazing vocal coach was no exception. A post about my vocal endeavors will come in due time. 

Step out your front door and lean into something new—you never know what will come of it.