West Village Love Affair

Usually people go to the West Village if they live there, their friends are feeling fancy or they've accidentally stumbled across it. It is almost never the, "lets just go there" neighborhood. 

I however, walk through the West Village to get to and from work (if I leave myself enough time), and so lucky am I. 

I wish I had a less exhausted word then quaint, but quaint is the West Village. The air is not tainted by a busy avenue, so the restaurants smell nice when you walk by. 

The sun even hits the buildings differently, as if God himself was saying, "this quaintness deserves to be seen." This might explain why everything is GREEN. So much green. 

Life is different in the West Village. 

Need a reason to go to the West Village besides everything typed above? Here:

Eat really good mediterranean food in the West Village. Real good. 

Eat this vegan food in the West Village. I do once a week. 

Drink this Coffee in the West Village. I haven't yet, but about to.

One of my favorite wellness stores is in the West Village. Naturally. 

I get most of my crystals in the West Village. What do crystals do? Read this

Love you a lot, a lot, West Village.