Daily Blog Recap

I really loved doing this daily blog and I highly recommend doing it! Even if it's never published, it's an amazing way to stimulate creativity and challenge yourself. Here are a few of my favorite people doing daily blogs right now: www.sweetshadylane.com, www.starrinthecity.com and www.twaycooks.com. Give-er-a-look. 


1.     I missed my flight.

2.     I went to Church and questioned if I was a workaholic

3.     I vowed to workout 2x a week—in response to the title of this post, I did not regret it. 

4.     I got a mid-day Kombucha and thought I’d fill you in on all of the benefits of the beloved booch.

5.     I watched the Pepsi commercial...

6.     The three things that cure bad weather blues, because I was having them. 

7.     I had a cinnamon roll delivered to work and professed my love for cinnamon roll's in general. 

8.     A day of appreciating the power of “new” and everything I did that day that was entirely new. 

9.     A typical Emmie to-do list.

10.  I was eager for change. So, I wrote about the difference between patience and waiting

11.  I introduce to you the squad I call siblings.

12.  I started teaching myself how to play the guitar —it has become a bit of an obsession.

13.  Everything I read that day that I thought was worth sharing.

14.  Chit, chat as if we were on a coffee date

15.  V important—why you need a jade roller

16.  It was Easter. My day was filled with family and little writing.

17.  Things that day from some amazing people in my life. 

18.  I put in my two weeks

19.  Follain rebranded themselves and I was, still am, real excited.

20.  The best piece of advice I ever received.

21.  I was in Florida and the sky was on fire, thought that was important to note.

22.  Twenty-two things you don’t know about me.

23.  I reply to day 21 and reflect on the power of manifesting.

24.  I was having a moment. If you're going through change this is a post for you. 

25.  My love affair with New York continues.

26.  Real talk about my skin.

27.  Chanel came to The Wing and beautiful things transpired, I wrote about them.

28.  Said goodbye and cried while doing it.

29.  If you wanted to know what my ideal Saturday is, this is it.

30.  The last day before everything changed