OKREAL Mentor Circle Takeaways

Amy & I

Amy & I

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to sit down with the founder of OKREAL, Amy Woodside, and 5 other amazing woman, to chat about managing fear. 

I got a lot out of it—a new spring in my step, a reminder of how much I love being there for others when they really need it, a reminder that I have the power to choose and that I shouldn't take for granted my desire to choose powerfully and like three blog post ideas I can't wait to write.

On top of that and more, there were two takeaways that really stood out:

"Passion is not something you find."

I talk about finding my passion a lot and it is almost always hinging on an idealistic idea of finding it through my job. Also, I don't think that wanting to find purpose and meaning is a "millennial" thing, although we often get criticized for it. I think that finding purpose and meaning in your job is an everyone thing. However, what is meaningful to people varies in generations. Anyway off topic.

The best part is that finding your passion is like trying to find your phone when you're holding it. There is no searching to be done. You feel silly when you realize this whole time it's been in your hand—how could you not have noticed?

This is passion, you're already holding it. 

This is summarized nicely in Sunny Bate's interview on OKREAL, which I highly recommend you read. Some of the highlights though in case you don't:

  1. "Instead of saying: ‘I’m trying to find my passion,’ if you decide to bring passion to every single thing that you do, things will emerge along the way." 
  2. "To think that you’ll find total fulfillment through work is like saying you’re supposed to find complete fulfillment through one person. You’re bound to be disappointed."
  3. "Don't let your commitments make your choices for you."


"The Things we hate doing Are probably the things we need to do first."

When I heard this, my immediate reaction was, "shit. You're right." And then shortly after I thought, "did I really need someone to tell me that?" The reality is, sometimes you do just need to be told that. You just need to be reminded to do the thing you hate or the thing that's hard—and that it's ok to be uncomfortable doing those things. It's normal to want to jump ship and it's ok not to. 

So consider this your reminder, that the things you hate doing are probably the things you need to do first. 

There, I said it. 

 I highly recommend signing up for an OKREAL mentor circle if you're in NYC!! Read more about them here