Socks, Life and Other Things I'm confused about.

I can't remember the last time I had a pair of matching socks on. It could be for a number of reasons, like my aversion to "folding" socks or that I don't care.

Things started looking up recently though in the matching sock department thanks to my cousin's concern with my blatant lack of sock secrecy. Her concern led me to invest in no-show socks, but if you think they're matching even in thickness—you're not listening.  

I'd like to believe that people who don't wear matching socks are more care free. They're a creative mind who doesn't have time for trivial normalcies involving foot sleeves!!! 

I would have rolled with this assumption, if it weren't for my newfound understanding that most people don't have this mix-matching problem. Which, has caused me great concern in my overall human abilities—Is it just socks I'm not on the same page about?? 

I was forced to the obvious conclusion that people with matching socks, know something I don't. Maybe they've found a seamless way to remove ALL of the laundry from the drier in one motion without dropping a sock. Maybe they started from the get-go and only buy one brand of socks, bravo. Maybe they've mastered heating up pizza in a microwave too. WHO KNOWS?

Whatever it may be, congratulations. For you have a handle on life like I never will.  

Besides, I have other life things to handle. Like; fruit flies, my rug's fluff balls, my subway not having AC, all things happening at Laguardia Airport at any given time, my kombucha exploding and really anything but matching socks.