Why you want to live on an avenue rn

Living on an Avenue is much different then living on a Street. It is not tomato, tamato. It's apples and oranges; dogs and zebras.

For non-New Yorkers, Avenues run parallel east from west while Streets run parallel north to south. (take a minute here if you must.)

This is all to say, that if it’s 5 Avenues away, you’ll likely get an Uber. If it’s 5 blocks (streets), you’ll be there in 6 minutes via the ol' foot.  

On Avenues, the noise is much louder, much more constant and the fumes & toxins from the influx of cars does not go unnoticed. “Sound proof” windows are an illusion and ear plugs are uncomfortable. Consider the picture painted. 

Despite this...

here are seven reasons why living on an avenue is the best thing that has ever happened to me!


1. Avenues have three lanes instead of one!

That's three times the amount of noise, honking, and opportunity to catch a cab. 

2. Subways run on Avenues too! 

So not only do you have three lanes of traffic you also have the blissful noise and physical shaking of the subway underneath you. "The subway lullaby." 

3. Ambulances love avenues!

Like I said previously, Avenues are the big streets, they go up and down the city. So there's a better chance you'll see/hear an ambulance if you're on an Avenue. I hear them all day and all night—a daily reminder that if I EVER need an ambulance, I'm easy access. 

4. Lync stands are placed on Avenues!

Lync stands are an attempt at free wifi for the city, but they’ve really just become hubs of entertainment for homeless people. I live next to 4 Lync stands all of which I can see outside my window. So if i'm ever bored I'm only three steps away from a staring contest with said homeless people. I love a good competition! 

5. Speaking of windows!

I'm lucky to have a lot of windows and the amount of sun shining in is truly a blessing. Yea, sure the shades are down a lot because #3, #4 and #6, but whatever! #blessed

6. More perks!

I live right by an elementary school where hundred of children gather early in the morning causing the street to be blocked off, of course, and cars LOVE when a street is blocked off. I've learned so much about traffic control! 


I live across from a grocery store and they get their daily load around 6:45am-7:15am. They don't give a flying f*ck about people sleeping. I'm convinced that slamming carts of whatever to the ground is what we all need to do let go of some anger. See! Inspiration right outside my window.