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The universal truth about "K"

I've never seen a "K" I trust. 

The worst part about getting a text with just “K”, is that you don’t know whether or not the sender is passive aggressive or they just appreciate brevity. 

What I do know is that I don’t mess around with "K’s." Simply because someone might not know what side of the "K" spectrum I land on. So, I go the extra mile with, “okk.” 

But who am I to a make a universal assumption about the usage of a letter?


My friends had this to say:

The answer is clear across the board here. Hilariously, my Mom was the only one who didn't seem to have a problem with "K." (Last screenshot.)   

But what do they know, right? Meme cultural knows best. 

~suprise~ meme cultural hates "K" too. 

Final Verdict

 "K" is never to be trusted and has been deemed a universally horrible response. And in return, a "K" should never be sent. Goodnight <3 

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