Bob's Burgers might help anxiety.

Television is never my go-to when I'm bored or if I want to relax after a long day. I've never been interested in sitting in my bed for hours to watch a show and I rarely binge things. (If I had cable it would be Chop't and TLC all day, but that's neither here nor there.) 

I say this because I want you know how much of an anomaly Bob's Burgers is for me. It's the only show that I will sit in my bed for hours and watch—the only show that can defuse my anxiety/heartbreak/anything. It's not too loud in nature, but it's enough to take my mind off things. It gives you space to be quiet, but also laugh. Which is why...

If I'm going through something difficult or even semi-difficult, I'm watching Bob's Burgers. 

If you're not familiar with the show, it's an animated comedy. Bob owns a restaurant called, "Bob's Burgers." He runs it with his wife and three kids. 


Tina will make you laugh

Tina is the eldest and easily a fan-favorite.  She has a fantasy-fetish humor that she's almost confident about and she'll do anything for love. She has an obsession with butts and is gradually growing confidence in her weirdness.

She will make you laugh at the most unexpected times—a surprise laugh if you will. Like, "I can't believe I'm this stressed/heartbroken/whatever and laughing out loud." 


Gene is meditative

Gene is the middle child. He goes with the wind and is easily swayed by his sisters' demands—which he fully supports without question. He is the epitome of "dumb funny." 

Gene is meditative because things are rarely a problem and if they are, they come and go and he goes with it. If Gene lead a mediation we'd all benefit it, but watching Bob's Burger will also do. 


Louise alleviates anxiety  

Louise is the youngest. She's a fearless leader in any shit show and usually a fireball of rage and energy. She's entirely in her own world selling people on whatever mission she has planned that day.

If your anxious about the future, trying to control things, getting impatient about your next step—let Louise take the reins. Watch her plan absolutely everything and you get comfortable doing absolutly nothing. 


Bob and his wife, Linda bring perspective  

Bob and Linda are the cutest. It's clear they love each other, but also that they've been married for awhile and run a restaurant together. Despite arguments and stress, they are the happy ending to the big picture. 

Bob and Linda are like the universe, they trust each other even in the hard times. Subconsciously your mind will naturally do what Bob and Linda do—forgive, trust, love. 

Finally, at some point in the series they started playing a song as the credits roll. The song is always related to the corresponding episode and once they did it, they never turned back. I respect the commitment. It reminds me of my own creative self-expression—the power of doing something whole heartily and sticking with it. 

That's Bob's Burgers anyway.