Try Acupuncture People

My general understanding of acupuncture had been, "needles that hit pressure points" for a long time. And to some degree, that's true, but it is more traditionally known as balancing the energies within the body. 

Photo cred: New York TImes

Photo cred: New York TImes

A V brief history of Acupuncture:

It started over 3,500 years ago in China and is now a widely accepted option for health. Acupuncture works to balance your Qi (pronounced "Chee".) Traditional Chinese medicine believes that if your Qi is balanced than you are healthy; if it is unbalanced it can lead to ailments due to energy blockage. That could be digestion, arthritis, cramps, back pain et cetera. 

How acupuncture really works:

Your Qi flows along your bodies' pathways, called "meridians." Where the needles are inserted, are actually referred to as "gateways" along your "meridian." The insertion of the needles opens up these gateways to allow your Qi to harmoniously flow through your meridian pathways.  

Benefits of acupuncture: 

There have been few things in my life that bring me such instant results as acupuncture. I started going to acupuncture for my digestion, back pain and cramps. But you can also use acupuncture for mood, help with pregnancy, allergies, fatigue, migraines, PMS and a boat-load of other things. 


  • Do the needles hurt? No, not at all. 
  • How often do you have to do it? I prefer to go once a month, but see what feels best for you!
  • How to find a good acupuncture place? My favorite acupuncture place in NYC is the YinOva Center in the East Village. But as I'm looking for one in LA, I'm looking for 1. Good reviews, 2. Traditional Chinese medicine practices and 3. Aesthetic because I'm a basic millennial.
  • How long are the needles in? 20-30 minutes usually, but depends! It is a great nap time. 
  • Do you feel anything while they're in? Sometimes yes and it is SO COOL. Like different parts of your body speaking to each other.