Guide To Amsterdam

I'm a big planner. So prior to going to Amsterdam, Luke and I had a google doc filled with all the places we had seen on Instagram, blogs et cetera that we wanted to go and the tourist things we wanted to check off. As we were walking around we ran into a lot of them naturally, but most of the list below we found just by exploring. 

So if you're going to Amsterdam expect to explore spontaneously, change plans, never trust the weather and love every second of it. 

Tourist things to do:

Van Gogh — An eye-opening perspective on Van Gogh's life. We used the voice guided tour which I would recommend.  

Anne Frank — Get your tickets ahead of time!!!! Luke and I got incredibly lucky last minute, but this shit sells out QUICK. And for good reason! 

"Coffeeshop" — If you're looking to partake in the cannabis perks, Tweede Kamar was our favorite. 

Dutch National Opera and Ballet — Luke got me tickets to the Ballet for my birthday and it was honestly one of my favorite parts of the trip. Definitely recommend!! 

Heineken Experience — So incredibly over the top you can't help but laugh your way through it. It was cool though and the beer is great. 

RedLight District — You have to at least see it. Recommend going at night and expect serious crowds. 

Bike — Everyone and I mean everyone, bikes. It makes the city feel like one big neighborhood filled with kids, only they're adults going to work. Not going to lie, I was intimidated AF to bike. Everyone's balance is impeccable and they are fearless. We went biking in Vondel park which was much more manageable and less intimidating. 


Canal Tour — Worth it. You'll get the best pictures and learn about the city.  You don't need to do anything ahead of time. There is a large row of canal tours across from the Anne Frank Huis, pick one with a live tour guide!

We also wanted to try out the Gs brunch boat tour too (only available on weekends) it looks awesome! 


A very vegan-friendly list that my non-vegan boyfriend loved too.


Screaming Beans — Best oat cappuccino I've ever had. Cash only. 

Natur — A smoothie place that understands you need acai to make a good smoothie bowl. 

Pluk — Vegan goodies and their food looked AMAZING, but we didn't eat there. 

Coffee and Coconuts — Cool vibe, great food. A 7-minute walk from the Heineken experience. 

Gs — Small diner vibes without the shitty diner food. Instead, coconut yogurt parfaits! 


De Bolhoed — We went here twice. The only place we went twice actually. The first time it was GREAT. the second time, the service was horrible, but the food still good. 

The Hoxton —Do not, under any circumstance, underestimate their salad—so nutritious and filling. 

Meatless District — The nachos...the Cozy vibes too. 

Foodhallen — So many options. Get them all. 

Little Collins — We didn't get a chance to go here, but it looks awesome. 

Mastino — Go here if you're craving pizza! I recommend the pesto one or any other specialty one (not the plain cheese.) 

Farmers Market — We made breakfast and lunch a lot from the groceries we got here. 


The Happy Pig — Vegan, GF, organic pancakes!! You must. 

Raw Betty — At the Noordermarkt farmers market. Get everything. 


Noordermarkt market (local things) — I purchased most of my gifts here and the "special" things. 

Hutspot (clothes) — A well curated store that I could have spent way too much money at but somehow had self-control. 

Hay (home) — Your kitchen, your desk and your living space will thank you. 

Raw Materials (home) — Serious inspo. Going to be ordering many-a-thing online from here when I move to LA. 

De Weldaad (home) — In Noordermarkt, so cute. I went in here like three times. 

9 streets (everything) — If you stay at The Hoxton you'll be in the middle of the 9 streets. It's kind of like Soho in NY, but smaller more local shops.  

Bij Ons (vintage) — Most unique vintage shop we went into that was fairly priced. Example: I got suede leather shorts here. 


We stayed at The Hoxton the first night and LOVED it. The staff is incredible and gave us so many local tips when checking in. It's in a prime location so it was perfect for our first day. Also, locals love The Hoxton. Doesn't feel like you're trapped in a hotel. 

The rest of the time we were in an Airbnb, which we also loved. We stayed in Noordermarkt which is a little quieter but still within walking distance to everything. Having a place to ourselves made us feel like locals and we talked about moving to Amsterdam more times than I can count. 

Happy travels!!