Moving From NYC to LA

The best time to think about moving to Los Angeles from New York City is when I did— in the dead of winter, on a crowded subway that is stopped due to train traffic. It was a crazy thought at first because I've always disliked the thought of living in LA. 

When I said yes, I didn't think about it too much. It was one of those things in life where I felt so called to step into this completely new territory that the only option was to trust it. I knew that at some point, things would all fall into place. At least I hoped. 

Why I moved to LA

I moved to LA for a job. Which is not surprising considering there are really only two reasons to move to LA, a Job or the weather. Or both. 

I work with my Dad, which I love more than anything. I have looked up to him as a businessman for as long as I can remember and I now I get to see that first hand. I am the creative director at his and his business partner's holding company, working on branding the companies we own. A majority of our work right now is in the cannabis industry, but the company is constantly evolving. It's a dream really. 

So initially, yes, I moved for a job.  But after I said yes to LA, my eyes were wide open to its possibilities. My brothers live here so I'll be close to family, I get a bigger apartment, I get a car (I forgot how much I missed having a car), I get to horseback ride again, I get to be closer to my very best childhood friend—the list goes on. 

The only problem was leaving New York. 

What I miss about NEW YORK 

For a MINUTE, NYC felt like an ex-boyfriend I wasn't ready to see having fun yet. I'd see pictures on Instagram of people walking through the parks as the beginnings of summer bloomed in the city. And even through the small iPhone screen, the feeling of being there was so tangible. I missed it and I sometimes still do. 

I miss my go-to self care places in New York because finding ones you love takes a lot of time, money and trial & error. I miss my favorite coffee shop, I miss looking up at the buildings contrasted against the sky saying to myself, "I can't believe I live here." I miss my friends there, but that's obvious. There will never be anything like my love for New York—that city pulses through my blood. DRAMATIC, but very true. 

What I wasn't expecting about LA...

I've lived in Los Angeles for about three months now, and it's not at all what I expected. First of all, I'm way more LA than I thought. It feels more natural to be here than I could have ever hoped for and the weather truly is game-changing for a better mood. Second of all, LA feels much more "livable" than New York. Some of my favorite things about living here so far are that I'm outside way more despite having to drive everywhere, I know my neighbors and they invite me over for drinks, I can BIRD (scooter) to my parent's house (they are renting a place in venice) in less than five minutes and I've been introduced to Erewhon (raw vegan pizza below). Also, I really can not get over all of the flowers, plants, trees and colors I see everyday. 

Much more to come. HMU IF YOU'RE IN LA.