Veganism healed me in an unexpected way and I'm here to talk about it


I grew up thinking about food a lot. I have yo-yo’d my weight almost always and at one time fluctuated nearly 40 pounds; I have punished with exercise, I have binged, I have fasted, I have detoxed, I have boot camped, I have weight watcher’d and I have given up. I have had to switch out entire wardrobes of clothes that were too small for me and vice versa.

In college, everything heightened in a way that felt uncontrollable. The best way to explain the majority of those years would be, “extremes”—eating a tub of Nutella with pretzels then working out twice a day. I had polarizing thoughts and actions that tore me, what felt like in half. Not to mention, the jeans I literally ripped in half in a Nordstrom dressing room.

I was in the best shape on my life in college and the absolute worst. When I left I was somewhere in the middle and felt ok, but haunted by the idea of, “that could happen again and what if it did?”

I had no plans of going vegan. But one night in my NYC apartment, I stumbled across a video that created a deep-within-my-soul shift. I became completely vegan overnight. It was the truest, and I say that because it was the easiest, decision I’ve made for myself and one that shaped my early twenties.

I’m not about to blab about why veganism is right for you, because I’m fully aware it’s not right for everyone. I’m not even sure how long it will be right for me. I promised myself if it ever felt like it was the wrong decision, I would look at that honestly.

But without second thought or an ounce of regret, I have been vegan for over four years. And for the first time in my adult life, I have been able to maintain an even and healthy weight. I have been able to look at emotional eating square in the eye and dismantle it more quickly.My body has been healthier and happier ever since.

It’s not because, “all I eat is vegetables.” That’s simply not true, as vegan pizza has been some of the best pizza I’ve ever had.

I have maintained my weight and a healthier relationship with food because when I went vegan I did it out of love and respect for animals and the environment. And when I did, I ended up getting that same love and respect returned to me.

A vegan diet is gentle, it’s forgiving and that’s all I ever needed.